What is a Woolsocks gift card?

A Woolsocks gift card works much like a normal gift card or voucher code, but with the added benefit of earning cashback! Each gift card merchant offers a stated percentage of cashback on the value of your gift card. As soon as you've finished buying your gift card, this cashback will be automatically added to your Cashback Sock!

To purchase a gift card in the Woolsocks app, just navigate to the Save More Section in the Home Tab and scroll to the 'buy gift cards, earn cashback' section to access the gift card store. For step-by-step details, click here.

Some Woolsocks gift cards can be used in-store only, some online only, and others both. You'll be able to check this information in the app before completing your purchase. After buying your gift card, you'll receive a purchase confirmation email and another email containing a voucher code and PIN code for online gift cards and/or a barcode that can be used to redeem your gift card in-store.
For more information on how to redeem your gift card, click here.

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