What personal data do I need to submit in order to use Woolsocks?

Woolsocks processes the following categories of Personal Data, with respect to the following
categories of Data Subjects:


- Users without a registered account:

  • (Mobile device) location data.

- Users with a registered account – using the cashback and financial management
and budgeting services (“Default Services”):

  • All data mentioned under anonymous users;
  • Email-address;
  • Nickname;
  • Preferred language.

With regard to the financial management and budgeting services we collect the following data:

  • Account details: bank or payment institution, account number, account type, account description, balance, available balance, currency;
  • Transaction details: account number, transaction description, due date, transaction date, notification, currency, amount, reference, name and address of counterparty, payment initiation;
  • PSD2-related data: surname, first name, account number, bank or payment institution, customer access token, bank or payment institution’s authorization token, IP address, remittance information.

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