Fundraiser pages

The fundraiser pages are where you can support and keep an eye on the fundraisers that have agreed to receive donations.

You will find non-profit organisations or clubs that need to raise funds for a good cause.

In fact, every fundraiser page shows:

  1. The banner section
    In a fundraiser page, the upper section of the screen shows the banner of the fundraiser. It is composed of:
    - The fundraiser's image
    - Fundraiser's name
    - Fundraiser's location
    - Fundraiser's supporters
    - Fundraiser's total donations
    *In the banner section, you see "You are supporting this goal with cashback" if the fundraiser is one of your activated cashback destinations.

  2. Action button
    Depending on your relationship with the fundraiser, it will read:
    - "Support this goal with cashback," if you have not yet activated donations for this fundraiser.
    - "Manage cashback destinations, "to access the cashback destinations menu
  3. Goal section
    The goal section shows the mission statement of the fundraiser. It normally explains the goal of the fundraiser: why this non-profit organisation or club is requesting support.

  4. About section
    In this section, fundraisers describe themselves.

  5. Fundraiser's main contact
    At Woolsocks we like transparency: in this section you will always find a contact you can use to reach the fundraiser. Discovering the goals achieved thanks to your support has never been easier!

Please note that information included in the fundraiser page changes depending on each fundraiser and that its purpose is merely informative. 


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