How do I connect my bank account to the app for the first time?

In order to connect your bank account for the first time, you need to follow these steps: 

  1. Open the Woolsocks app. During signup, you will be prompted to connect your bank account. 

  2. Select the country of your bank. 

    3. Find your bank.

    4. Agree with the terms and conditions of BudgetBakers. (BudgetBakers s.r.o. is our partner that creates the bank connection, and is a licensed Account Information Service Provider).

    5. In your banking app, authorise your bank to connect with BudgetBakers.

    If you have multiple accounts with the bank, select which accounts you'd like use with Woolsocks.
    Now, you can connect another bank account, or you're done!

In general, you should be able to connect with almost every bank available in your country. Day-by-day, we are striving to improve our service. However, it's possible that your bank may not yet available to connect to Woolsocks. In this case, do not hesitate to reach out and tell us which bank you are using. We will do our best to add it to the Woolsocks app! 


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