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We believe a better world is possible and strive to play a role in the change; so, we created the Woolsocks app with a donation feature. This allows you to give a share of your future incoming cashback to participating non-profit organisations or local clubs that need to raise funds for a good cause. Donations are anonymous, but fundraisers will always be able to see how many people actively support their cause.
In line with our values, Woolsocks will back your decision to support a good cause and will reject any commission we might receive. This means that 100% of the cashback amount will be donated.

In order to successfully donate part of your future cashback income, you will need to:

  1. Access the in-app Donate section
    You can access the Donate feature by touching the heart icon in the lower menu bar, shown in the image below:

  2. Select the fundraiser you want to support.
    Once in the Donate app section, you will see a list of fundraisers that have agreed to receive our support. You can select the fundraiser you want to support just by touching the dedicated banner in the screen. When you select a fundraiser banner from the list, you will be directed to their fundraiser page.

  3. Activate future donations for the selected fundraiser.
    In the fundraiser page, you can click on "Support this fundraiser with your cashback" to activate donations, as shown below:


Please note that:

  • If you activate the donate feature for at least one fundraiser, your future cashback income will be equally split among all of your activated cashback destinations, including your Cashback Sock.
    ·If you have activated your Cashback Sock and one fundraiser as cashback destinations, 50% of your future cashback income will be directed to your Cashback Sock and 50% will go to the fundraiser as a donation.
    ·If you have activated the donate feature for three fundraisers plus your Cashback Sock, your future cashback income will be directed 25% to each fundraiser and 25% to your Cashback Sock.
  • It will not be possible to claim back any of the cashback that you already donated.

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If you need further assistance, please click this link to send us a request.

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