What personal data do I need to submit to use Woolsocks?

Woolsocks processes the following categories of Personal Data, with respect to the following
categories of Data Subjects:

Friends and Family users (users requesting access to the Private Beta Woolsocks app)
• First name and Last name
• Email address
• Phone number
• Preferred language
• Country of residence
• Your experience with cashback and PFM tools


Anonymous users (Users without a registered account):
• (Mobile device) location data

Registered users (Users with a registered account) – using the cashback and financial management
and budgeting services (“Default Services”):
• All data mentioned under anonymous users
• Email-address
• Nickname
• Preferred language
• With regard to the financial management and budgeting services we collect the following data:

  • Account details: bank or payment institution, account number, account type, account description, balance, available balance, currency;
  • Transaction details: account number, transaction description, due date, transaction date, notification, currency, amount, reference, name and address of counterparty, payment initiation;
  • PSD2-related data: surname, first name, account number, bank or payment institution, customer access token, bank or payment institution’s authorization token, IP address, remittance information.

For more information, feel free to check the FAQ's at our helpcenter.

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