How to review the 20 transactions for the Beta test?

To review your transactions and complete the task, you must log in to the bank account you've connected to the Woolsocks app. Once you do it, you will see the list of your transactions that need a review. Click on one of the transactions, and when you open it, a tab will appear. There you can select if the transaction you are viewing is correct or not by clicking the "✓" or "X" buttons.


If the category of the transaction is correct, please click "✓". If the category of the transaction is incorrect, please click "X". After you click "X", please change the category of this transaction to the correct one.


If you perform this operation 20 times, the status of reviewed transactions will be updated within two working days in the €25 test section. 


Please note that if more than 50% of the transactions have not been modified, the algorithm will not validate it, and you will have to repeat the task.


Remember! In order to get the €25 reward you also need to make 3 Cashback purchases within the Woolsocks app.


For more information, we invite you to check the T&C about the Beta test.

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