Where can I find insights on my expenses?

Connect your bank account to unlock intelligent, automated insights into your financial activities. The "Insights" feature is divided into three main sections: Spending, Income, and Fixed Costs.In each section, you'll find a detailed month-by-month breakdown, categorising your financial activities into areas like "Housing," "Shopping," and "Health & Beauty." This categorisation helps you easily track and analyse your spending habits.

For every category, you have the flexibility to:
  • Compare your expenditures across different months.
  • Dive deeper into subcategories for a more granular view.
  • Examine individual transactions to understand your spending patterns better.
If you notice a transaction that seems out of place, you can swiftly rectify it directly in the app. Simply reassign it to the appropriate category or exclude it from your insights altogether, ensuring your financial overview remains accurate and tailored to you.

To Access the 'Insights' Section:
  1. Go to the "Money" section within the app.
  2. Look for the graph displaying your monthly income and expenditures.
  3. Tap on the graph to delve into detailed insights about your spending, recurring transactions, and income, helping you make informed financial decisions.
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