Why Haven't I Received My Cashback?

If you haven't your cashback, you should first check if you meet the following eligibility requirements to receive it: 

  • You are registered with Woolsocks and were logged in to the Woolsocks app before you made the purchase.
  • You used the link in the Woolsocks app to visit the relevant online store and place your order. You were not redirected to the shop's app or any other website.                                     
  • Your order has not been changed and you have had no contact with the shop to adjust or cancel your order. In case of modifications, the online store can, in fact, create a new order and the connection to Woolsocks may not have been registered.          
  • Your purchase must meet the terms and conditions of the shop (e.g. the product purchased is eligible for cashback, it does not allow other discounts). These conditions can be found in the Woolsocks app inside each partner store area before being redirected to the shop.
  • For iOS users: ensure that your iOS tracking settings for Woolsocks are activated. If tracking is not activated, Woolsocks won't be able to identify your purchase and send your cashback. To activate tracking, go to Settings > Privacy > Tracking > ensure the switch for Woolsocks is set to active.

If your cashback was declined and you feel that you meet all the requirements above, then please create a missed cashback claim through the app. We will do our best to resolve the issue and provide you with more information. 


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