How do Autorewards work?


In order to receive an Auto Reward, first check that you have at least one bank account with an IBAN connected. Be sure to use this connected bank account every time you want to receive an Auto Reward.

Whenever you make a purchase in one of our participating stores, you will receive an Auto Reward in addition to your cashback. Your Auto Reward will be immediately credited to your Cashback Sock and will appear within three days. Both in-store and online purchases are eligible for Auto Rewards.

Reward rates vary by merchant, you can find a full list in the Auto Reward section of the app. You are eligible to receive up to €5 per 30 days from when you first connect your bank account, for your first 3 months and €2.50 per 30 days thereafter. You're eligible to receive up to €0.50 per merchant, per 30 days.

After enabling Auto Rewards for the first time, a special one-time reward will be given for your past purchases. Based on all of your eligible Auto Reward transactions over the past 90 days, a maximum of €5 can be redeemed in your Cashback Sock.


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