Instant payout usage

Woolsocks allows you to instantly receive your cashback using our instant payout feature. However, users must be eligible to use this feature, and its use is also subject to certain limits.


Woolsocks will determine your eligibility and instant payout limits based on multiple elements, such as:

  • Your cashback service usage - the longer you've been a Woolsocks user, the higher your instant payout limit will be. You should use cashback services through Woolsocks app for at least a month to make your first payout;
  • Your rejection rate of payouts from webshops - if many of your cashback purchases have been rejected by the merchant (e.g., you've returned your order, or cancelled a service), you will have a lower instant payout limit;
  • The probability of default calculated based on your payment data - if you have a stable bank account connection and we can see your incoming and outgoing transactions, your instant payout limit will also be stable.
  • Your account will have to be eligible to receive rewards to be able to activate Instant Payout - If your IBAN is connected to another account or connected to your account several times, you will not be able to activate instant Payout.

For example, after you've enabled the instant payout feature, we determine that your limit is €20. In this case, if you have pending cashback of €30, you can only request an instant payout of €20. The full amount will not be available until your cashback purchase has been confirmed and paid by the webshop.

This limit also means that you will not be able to request another instant payout until the first has been confirmed. After your cashback has been confirmed by the merchant, you will then be able to use instant payout once again.

For more information, please refer to the instant payout Terms and Conditions.


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