Can I use Grocery deals if I shop online?

Yes! You can also make use of the Grocery Deals feature if you shop online. 

To do this, just upload an image or PDF of your receipt to Woolsocks:

  1. Navigate to the Cashback tab --> Grocery deals
  2. Tap "Scan your receipt". On the bottom right hand of the screen, tap the folder icon and select the relevant type of digital receipt.
  3. After you've selected your receipt from your files or photos, confirm your selection by pressing the green check mark
  4. Finally, select the specific Grocery product from the list. 


That's it! Once your receipt has been successfully submitted, it will be checked by our team. You'll be notified of the outcome and, if approved, your cashback will be automatically deposited into your Cashback Sock within 48 hours. 


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