What is the status of my cashback transaction?

All your registered cashback transactions will be visible in your Cashback Sock. Each transaction will be labelled with one of four different statuses: 

  • Upcoming: Your purchase has been registered but is yet to be confirmed by our partner store.
  • Received: This status means that the merchant has approved your cashback transaction and the cashback you've earned will be available to be paid out.
  • Transferred: These outgoing transactions means that you've made a transfer to your bank account or your Savings Sock
  • Rejected: Your transaction has not been approved by the merchant, and you will not earn any cashback on it. You can read more about this here.

If you've made an eligible cashback purchase but it's still not visible in your Cashback Sock after three business days, please get in touch with our Help Centre and make a claim.


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